Happy New Year! The 1st day of the new year.

A BEAUTIFUL 1st day of the New Year in NYC with clear blue skies early in the morning! God bless us. Happy New Year!!! You bet this year will be EPIC!! 2021 – The NEW Revolution of 1776! With that said, May the year new bring us good health, faith, trust, and belief in GOD, blessings, strength, positive mind and soul, happiness, and prosperity. May we restore, protect, secure, strengthen, bless, and Make America Great Again! God bless the USA. God bless proud American Patriots… as for the People on the Left – Anti-Americans, this year is not for you. smh. It just not for you.

Let me tell you something… NYE Countdown in Time Square, California, Louisiana was pathetic!!!! The Left took over the NYE Countdown and just disgraced it. The NYC Rock N Roll Countdown at Time Square and the celebrations in Los Angeles/Hollywood-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Las Vegas, etc. were empty and pathetic that pictures of any New Year” Eve 2021 public celebration in the USA are not online or can not be posted to share. These radical Left will not allow these images to sink in our heads in our minds to think about what is really going on. It is so disgusting and disrespectful to be treated like sheep. The New Year’s Eve events were so disgusting that there was nothing to do but turn off the tv and start your own party! Some people in the city and I were playing 70s, 80s, early 90s, very few good 2000s music to celebrate the new year. No more trash or propaganda music. smh. Going back to disco, pop, tech, rock n roll, clean rap, etc. Music to dance and sing and meant something.

In China – New Year Eve 2021 street and events celebrations

The Left & China ruined our traditional New Year Eve Countdown… meanwhile China went all out celebrating as if there was no coronavirus pandemic that they started – millions of people, no social distancing, no mask, no shutdown, no stay at home, no virtual NYE bs. Video 1 – WUHAN China Happy New Year 2021 Thousands of Chinese gather to watch Balloons released https://youtu.be/Fs60KLmgo84 Video 2 – entertainment and fashion industry growth during the Chinese virus pandemic… Xiao Zhan was everyone’s favorite at New Year Eve’s Party, interacted happily with other stars https://youtu.be/dBG5lFdRriM Video 3 – on the streets of China… AFTER MIDNIGHT STREETS OF CHINA NEW YEAR 2021 https://youtu.be/p5SbNXbTULI Video 4 – recognition of first responders to remind people of pandemic BS AFTER their celebration (Did you see any hosts, entertainers with masks?) … LIVE: 2021 New Year Countdown in Beijing https://youtu.be/jfnpwojYHu8

Photos show Wuhan, once the epicenter of the pandemic, crowded for New Year’s celebrations https://thehill.com/homenews/news/532293-photos-show-wuhan-once-epicenter-of-pandemic-crowded-for-new-years-celebrations?fbclid=IwAR08jyAC6LbLn_MGVXaV9l4Rhg54N-0Sa674l_Y7WJrHrge4ElmIzU7ApZo

https://www.facebook.com/OscarElBlue/videos/889320658537570 – Must watch the video. Oscar El Blue from Mexico is right. Are you ready for 2021? Are you ready to fight for the USA? Is Mexico? Is any country around the world that had to stay in, shut down, wear a mandated mask as sheep, lose businesses & income while the country lost revenue, families & love ones lost – and not only by the coronavirus as the major priority to see and visit Drs./hospital, and not receiving the medications and information that do help with coronavirus recovery due to the banning of radical Democrats or Left-wing politicians, tyrants, socialist, and communist leaders suffering from this pandemic from Communist China? What Communist China is a slap in our face.


Puerto Rico, Wake up! Copyright 2017 All rights reserved.
No claims to any music video, documentary video, store website, or public report. They shared information for discussion and view. The people who made these videos public and have shared them with the world. This post blog and article are also public and for sharing.

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